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Subsidy to First Urban Renovation Case

  • Date: 2018-11-17
  • Issued by: Urban Development Bureau

To encourage residents in Taichung City to renovate the external walls of their old houses and the external environment, the Taichung City Government has since 2014 put aside an annual budget to subsidize the related urban renewal programs. The first case has come into being. It is a 7-storey, 30-year-old mixed-use (commercial and residential) building located on the intersection between Section 1 of Taiwan Boulevard and Pingdeng Street. The case has been granted with a subsidy of NT$ 3 million for renovation of the building facade.

As tiles on the façade of this mixed-use (commercial and residential) building have peeled off and dropped down frequently, an improvement is needed badly. Thus, the building management committee has submitted an application for a grant from the city government’s Urban Renewal and Urban Development Construction Fund. As the building is located in the Central District renovation area, it is granted with NT$ 3 million, accounting for 45% of its total project costs.

The Urban Development Bureau pointed out, “This first case was submitted in August. We can finish reviewing it and approve it within only two months because the case has gained 100% cooperation and support from all the residents. It is really amazing that all the residents have reached consensus so soon to the self-funding proportion of the project costs and the design concept. Currently, we have received another application and will review it before the year end. It is obvious that the regeneration program for Central District has won the support of our residents.”

Since September 2015, the Urban Development Bureau has been investigating all the 4500 buildings in Taichung City that are over 7 stories high and aged 15 or older to see if they need to improve and/or renovate the building façade. The investigation will classify the external walls into 5 grades: A (good), B (fair), C (Warning to pay attention; repair or improvement is recommended), D (Potentially dangerous; temporary security facilities must be set up within a time limit), and E (Immediate danger; warning tapes must be pulled up and temporary security facilities must be set up within a deadline). If a building is classified as grade D or grade E, such warning signs as "Beware of Falling Objects” and "Caution" or "Danger" must be set up on the site, temporary security and protection facilities must be set up within the deadline, and repair and maintenance must be carried out. An overdue violation shall result in a fine ranging from NT$ 60,000 to NT$ 300,000 in accordance with the "Building Act".

Taichung City Government calls for residents to check if the external walls of their buildings have been peeling and improve the situation as soon as possible. Those building aged over 20 years can apply for grants from either Taichung City Government or the central government. “We have been assisting our citizens to apply for urban renewal funds from the central government, and have successfully gained the approval by the Ministry of the Interior for five cases. If you are interested, please call our Urban Renewal Project Division (Tel: 04-22289111 ext. 65501-65504),” said the Urban Development Bureau.

  • Date : 2015-11-03
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