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Functions and Responsibilities

  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Issued by: Urban Development Bureau

1. Comprehensive Planning Division
Regional planning (Homeland planning and deliberations over the permit to change non-urban land use and zoning development),urban planning(9 mountain areas), application for transfer of building bulk (9 mountain areas), and handling of special projects, such as the “Taichung City Regional Planning Study" and "Planning for the Specific Area of Houli International Flower Expo".

2. Urban and Rural Planning Division
Urban planning, deliberations over development permits, application for transfer of building bulk, land use zoning control, "deliberations over permit for agricultural areas, protected areas and total amount control for A and B industrial zones", "check for urban planning matters for court procedures", "registration and control of feedback funds for changing living zone into commercial zone”.

3. Urban Design Engineering Division
Review of urban design, over all planning and engineering services for Taiwanese styles of urban and rural landscapes, assignment of urban planners to station in communities of Taichung City, and deliberations over the landscapedesign for DakengSpecific Area.

4. Urban Renewal Project Division
Urban renewal development, urban renewal policy, revision of urban renewal laws, delineation of urban renewal areas, drafting of urban renewal plans, deliberations over urban renewal, acceptance of urban renewal-associated projects, subsidies to urban renewal, and counseling to urban renewal.

5. Urban Survey Engineering Division
Planning and maintenance for urban planning pile survey project, issuance of land use zoning certificate for urban planning, identification for completed public facility districts, announcement of areas free from indicative building lines, issuance of the building line indication map, matters concerning diversion or abolishment of existing roadways, survey/persuasion/sanctions for violation ofurban planning regulations,and other assignments related to urban survey projects.

6. Housing Management Division
Apartment buildings, exterior lift,publichousing units, new affordable housing community, integrated residential buildings, long-term planning for new residential buildings, matters related to residential laws.

7. Construction Management Division
General review of construction and miscellaneous permits, assistance in construction permit inspection, issuance of for construction/dismantle/ replacement/correction/miscellaneous permits, issuance of vacant land rezoning certificate, issuance of certificate for merge of public and private marginal lands, second review of construction permits, overlap mapping of and inquiry into statutory vacant lands, acceptance and first review of proposals to meetings, change to overall fire partition, call of meeting to strengthen the review on hillside miscellaneous licenses, issuance of temporary construction permits to set up public facility and building on reservation land, registration and management of construction firms, check on attendance and performance of full-time engineers of construction firms, call of discipline review meeting for construction firms, registration and managementofarchitects, and call of disciplinary review meeting for architects.

8. Construction Engineering Division
Management of building construction projects, reports of starting a construction job, reports of building construction progress, inquest on designated building floors, extension of starting date and completion date for buildings, reports of shortening the inquest duration and filing special construction methods, handling of construction disputes, issuance of permits to use a building (a miscellaneous or temporary building), issuance of correction and replacement to a Building Use Permit, issuance of completion certificate for building dismantle, management of construction soil resource sites, regular checks on construction soil resource sites, call of review meeting on the establishment of construction soil resource sites, and declaration of remaining earthwork for construction.

9. Use Management Division
Inspection on and disposal of public safety for buildings, acceptance of declaration and check for building public safety, revision of the building use permits, interior decoration permits, identification of old houses, application for connecting water and electricity without a building use permit, survey and inspection on hillside residential community, assessment of seismic capacity for public buildings, mobilization and training of an emergency team to assess dangerous buildings after the occurrence of a disaster, integration of consumer protection, deliberations over Dakeng hillside development plans (formerly Urban Renewal Division), inspection of lifting equipment and mechanical parking equipment within a building (formerly Advertisement Division), check on mechanical amusement facilities (formerly Advertisement Division), contact window for Guangfu Village Cultural Assets Revitalization Promotion Team (former Planning Division)

10. Advertisement Management Division
Issuance of advertisement material permits, disposal of illegal advertising material, inspections on advertising material, execution of rectification plan to tidy up advertising material in the neighborhood, call of Survey and Inspection Team’s review meetings for of accessible facilities in new public buildings, call of Improvement Fund Management Committee’s review meetings for accessible facilities in public buildings, execution of inspection plans on the existing accessible facilities in buildings, regular inspections on the existing accessible facilities in public buildings, improvement of public buildings in Taichung City by classification/by zoning/by implementation stage, new construction projects for Taiwan Tower and City Vision (Museum) (regulatory designs, PCM and OT), imagery module (MOCK-UP) projects for Taiwan Tower and City Vision (Museum), soil-retaining column projects for Taiwan Tower and Central Taiwan Film Center, project management (PM) for Taichung Gateway District, carbon management mechanism for Taichung Gateway District, construction of new office building (entrusted for tendering) for the Urban Development Bureau, the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival - City Vision Light District, new construction projects (entrusted for PCM, regulatory design and engineering) for Central Taiwan Film Center, new construction projects (entrusted for PCM, regulatory design and engineering) for the base of Central Taiwan Film Center, dismantle and new construction projects (entrusted for project works) for Longjing junior High School.

11. UrbanRestoration Division
Report and investigation and demolishment of illegal buildings, after-disaster emergency rescue, arcade leveling and safe school, removal of abandoned advertising material.

12. Secretariat
Legalaffairs,management of procurement and contracts, treasury management, research and development and evaluation, information management, property/vehicles/office and dormitory management, file and records management, paperwork and management, workers and temporary staff management

13. Accounting Office
Budget and finalaccounting, general accounting, statistical operations, internal control audit.

14. Civil Service Ethics Office
Handling of civil service ethics affairs, protection of official confidential information.

15. Personnel Office
Recruitment and dismiss, promotion and transfer, reward and punishment, performance appraisal, training and education, time and attendance management, remuneration and welfare, retirement and pensions, and other personnel services.

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