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  • Date: 2018-12-21
  • Issued by: Urban Development Bureau

Section Office


Comprehensive Planning Section

Taichung region plan , national land planning proposal and review, study of region and urban environmental planning, research and analysis, project plan proposal and execution, development permit review, pilot development and construction planning, comprehensive business etc. Mountain communities in 9 Districts urban planning, project change and overall review proposal and inspection, administration business.

Urban and Rural Planning Section

Urban planning, project change and overall review proposal and inspection, building capacity transfer application, land use control by district, urban planning application and advice case review etc.

Urban Survey Engineering Section

Urban planning monument survey and establishment management, maintenance related businesses, urban planning use by district certificate issuing, identifying the completion of the public facilities in the area, announcing the non-instructed building line area, building line instruction map issuing, current lane change or abandonment, joint-inspection the violation of urban planning related facts, persuading and coaching, penalty and any other temporary urban planning survey engineering related businesses.

Urban Design Engineering Section

Urban and rural image engineering and urban environmental engineering, planning, design and building supervision, urban design regulation proposal, landscape outlining plan proposal and urban design review etc.

Urban Renewal Engineering Section

Urban renewal engineering (rebuilding engineering , restoration engineering, maintenance engineering) planning, design and construction supervision, renewal policy and development research, renewal area planning, renewal plan proposal, review, execution and coaching etc.

Construction Management Section

Review for the special building engineering structure, construction license , miscellaneous license , demolition license and fragmental land certificate issuing, architect registration, award and penalty, management, working staff training seminar, coaching etc.

Construction Engineering Section

Management of the building engineering, implementation inspection, construction engineering working period review, user license issuing, land and rock resources storage yard management and construction industry registration, award and penalty, management, working staff training seminar, coaching etc.

Use Management Section

Interior restoration permit, public safety inspection and management of constructions, public safety inspection of building audit report application service, review for the use license change, mechanical recreational facilities management, elevator equipment management, building disabled facilities management etc.

Urban Restoration Engineering Section

Illegal building inspection and report, demolition engineering, demolition engineering of the illegal buildings, demolition of advertising billboard, all kinds of demolition engineering project requirements, advertising construction demonstration establishment engineering, planning, design and construction supervision, advertising billboard and sign construction management, advertising construction permit issuing, arcade leveling related engineering, planning, design and construction supervision etc.

Secretary Office

Document, file, chop and stamp, affair, procurement, receivable and pay out, regulation, research and review, information management, property management, management of working staffs and any staff eligible for the Labor Standard Act, public relation, news release and any other business beyond the service scopes of Section, Office.

Personnel Office

Staff recruiting and laying off, deployment, transferring, organization structure, hiring review, award and penalty, performance review, training and studying, attendance management, compensation and benefit, employee assistance program, retirement and pension related personnel businesses.

Accounting Office

Budget planning, budget finalization business(annual calculation business), accounting business, statistics business, internal control and audit business etc.

Civil Service Ethics Office

Civil service ethics and policy related services, government confidentiality security and so on.

Mountain community service center

Providing construction, urban planning and administration related services.

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