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History of the Authority

  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Issued by: Urban Development Bureau

The Department of Urban Development (DUD) of the Taichung City Government (TCCG) is the lead agency in charge of urban planning, urban renewal, urban design, building and use permits, public housing, and demolition of squatter buildings within the Taichung City Government.

Duties of the Department include: strategic planning, integrated urban planning, urban design, urban renewal, land development permit, building and use permits, construction enforcement, sign management, architect management, construction contractor management, public housing management, demolition of squatter buildings and major urban civil works.

Goals of the DUD include 7F: “friendly urban development”, “friendly urban landscape”, “friendly environment”, “friendly urban safety”, “friendly building management”, “friendly housing policy” and “friendly urban services”. With the guidance of the multidimensional policy and by promoting and implementing relevant strategies and action plans, the department aims to improve the quality of overall urban development and building management of Taichung City.

The department also wishes to entrust a sense of new feeling to citizens, as well as to reciprocity between the people and the government by maintaining equal emphasis on both public safety and convenient services for the public.

Toil yesterday, wonder today
Embrace a passion for and a belief in Taichung City, the department spares nothing to embark on the city’s continual urban reengineering and sustain an urban environment that all of us can enjoy through creation and improvement of comfortable outdoor spaces and diversified cultural centers.

  • Date : 2011-11-15
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