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2nd Meeting of Urban Regeneration and Development Committee

  • Date: 2018-11-17
  • Issued by: Urban Development Bureau

To establish the legal basis for the regeneration of Central District, Mayor Lin Jia-long convened the 2nd meeting of Taichung City Urban Regeneration and Development Committee on August 6. It was resolved that culture of the old urban areas should be the foundation for autonomous regulations, based on which to design commercial stores, increase non-profit groups, organize the basis of urban regeneration, and expand its application to the whole city to promote the regeneration of old urban areas in Taichung City. To coordinate resources and offer guidance to civil organizations, the government-sponsored Regeneration Development Center should be formed, and it should be dedicated to all aspects of regeneration matters, including professional and technical services to the local shops and civic groups in Central District.

The “A City within a City for Regeneration of Central District” program was also briefed in the meeting. Five strategies, namely the building of transportation network, the recovery of economic gallery, improvement in sightseeing benefits, the links of green waterfront landscapes, and the re engineering of cultural landscapes have been formulated and approved to serve as policy guidance for all the relevant authorities for their short-term, mid-term and long-term programs. The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission is also designated to oversee the implementation of related programs.

The autonomous regulations for regeneration of Taichung City have been drafted with reference to a number of relevant documents from home and abroad, such as the Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), the Town Management Organization (TMO), and Taiwan’s Non-Departmental Public Bodies Act. It is hoped that we can achieve professionalism, flexibility and high efficiency in improving the business environment for the old urban areas and building Taichung into the most livable city in Taiwan.

Contact: Mr. Wu, Urban Development Bureau, Taichung City Government
Tel: 04-22289111 ext. 65501

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