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Policy for Social Housing Units

  • Date: 2018-11-08
  • Issued by: Urban Development Bureau

A. Objectives of Social Housing Units
This city government vows to construct 10,000 Social Housing Units in the next 8 years to supply affordable housing units to our citizens, attract young men to live and work and take roots in Taichung, and promote economic development in the regions.
B. Main features of Social Housing Units
Our Social Housing Units have four major characteristics, namely good locations, good functionalities, good buildings, and fair rents. They can be summarized as follows:
1. Good locations
In priority, they will be constructed in areas that are densely populated, with convenient transportation systems, or near the industrial parks.
2. Good functionalities
All the necessary functions (such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment) for a good living environment will be taken into consideration.
3. Good buildings
The concept and spirit of green buildings and universal designs will be considered. Such public facilities as preschool childcare and daycare for the elders and shared space will be designed.
4. Fair rents
Rent will be set at 70% of rental market prices or below.Special rents will be offered to disadvantaged households.
C. Progress of Social Housing Units
Already under planning are four sections, namely the Fengyuan District Ankang Section, the Tali District Guocheng Section, the Beitun District Taiyuan Section, and the Fengyuan District Fengnan Section. The feasibility assessment has been undergoing on three sections, namely the East District Sunwu Section, the Shalu District Nanshikeng Section, and the Wuqi District Shangming Section. The 7 projects will provide 3,300 households. This city government will continue to assess other possibilities. The four cases under planning are summarized as follows:
1. Fengyuan District Ankang Section
This project is located on Yongkang Street in Fengyuan District. It is near the Fengyuan District Office, the Fengtian Elementary School, the Fengnan Junior High School, the Fengyuan Hospital, the Nanyung market and the Nanyung Park.It is planned to construct 600 Social Housing Units, among which the first-phased 200 units have nearly completed their detailed designs and will be contracted out in this year and will be completed by the end of 2017.
2. Tali District Guocheng Section
This project is located on the intersection between Renhwa Road and Jianmin Road in Taili District. It is near Renhwa Industrial Park, Taiping Industrial Park, Yuanglong Industrial Park, Taili Industrial Park, and Taichung Software Industrial Park, which may offer 17,000 job opportunities altogether. As announced in the press conference held on February 13, 2015, the case will supply about 600 Social Housing Units by stage. Funds for land acquisition and first-phased design and supervision have been budgeted.
3. Beitun District Taiyuan Section
This project is located on Taian Street in Beitun District. It is near the shopping circle of National Chin-Yi University of Technology, the Taiping Zhongshan living area, the Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital, and the access road to Provincial Highway #74 Expressway. About 600 households will be supplied.
4. Fengyuan District Fengnan Section
This project is located on the eastern side of Zhongshan Road in Fengyuan District. It is near the Fengchou Technology Park, the Houli Base for Central Taiwan Science park, the Tanzi Export Processing Zone, the Fengyuan Railway Station, and Provincial Highway #3. It is planned to supply over 100 households.

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